Education Planning

As a parent, your child’s education is one of your biggest and most important investments.

Did you know that there’s a simple, flexible and tax effective way to invest and plan for your child’s education?

They’re called Education Bonds and if your marginal tax rate is greater than 30%, then they’re for you!

What are Education Bonds?

Education Bonds (Investment Bonds) are a tax effective way to save for the cost of education as they are a tax paid investment. This means, the tax paid on investment earnings is paid by the Education Bonds provider at a tax rate up to 30% and investors don’t need to declare any annual income from their bond in their annual tax returns.

Education Bonds are flexible investments and you can choose to make regular contributions from as little as $100 per month. Setting up a direct debit is a way to grow your investment without even having to think about it. Add compound interest into the mix and you’ll be packing them off to the best school before you know it.

The longer you can keep your investment untouched the more your wealth will grow.

Invest in your child’s education.

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