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We understand the complexities and unique challenges involved with operating a business within the medical industry.

Everything we do, we do with you in mind. Our core principles revolve around your needs as a medical practitioner, consultant, business owner, manager and employer, along with your personal financial security.

We go the extra mile to understand, protect and care for the financial well-being of Australian health professionals.

Helping clients without
a conflict-of-interest

AMA Insurance & Financial Services is different from the rest
– and here’s how our clients benefit

Typically, Insurance Broking & Financial Planning companies are owned by Directors & Financial Advisers, with most of their profits being returned to them.

At AMA Insurance & Financial Services, we do not have that conflict of interest. Our Trusted Insurance Brokers & Financial Advisers are salaried employees who are not remunerated through commission systems. This structure ensures we have only our client’s best interests at heart, and act accordingly.

This highly unique organisation-owned structure allows us to return all profits to benefit the Medical Profession – to benefit you and the work you do.

Essential Financial Advice and Insurance Tips for Doctors

Doctors rank high in terms of perceived honesty and trustworthiness. Being a profession of significant status, it attracts a high income. However, against this background, doctors have relatively high debt and are disproportionately represented in failed financial schemes finding, in some cases, they must reduce their lifestyle during retirement. They require financial advice geared to their specific needs in order for them to be better financially informed.


medical practice insurance

Medical and Dental Practice

AMA Insurance Brokers have designed a Medical & Dental practice insurance package to specifically to provide customised protection for Medical, Dental and Health Practices. We are an Insurance Broker who reside within the medical industry and insuring your business and staff – “It’s what we do.”


Cyber Insurance

As businesses rely more on technology, there are a growing number of cyber-attacks every year. In fact, around three in five Australian companies experience a cyber security breach every month.

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The Medical & Associated Professions Superannuation Fund is designed to meet the needs of medical professionals and their employees. For full details on this fund please visit:

Business Financing Accounting Banking Concept businessman using smart phone and doing finances calculate about cost to real estate investment and in other tax system.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not all about having a will in place and it is certainly not only for the elderly & wealthy. We can help set up your estate planning no matter what your situation is.


Education Planning

As a parent, your child’s education is one of your biggest and most important investments.
Did you know that there’s a simple, flexible and tax effective way to invest and plan for your child’s education?
They’re called Education Bonds and if your marginal tax rate is greater than 30%, then they’re for you!

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“Mei Wong has been a very responsible and knowledgeable financial advisor, and she exhibits a very high level of professional responsibility”

Patrick – 65+ Years Old

“Very helpful with comprehensive advice. Listened to and addressed all our needs. Very personable and easy to deal with. Will be come back for further advice for our other financial needs. ”

Lisa – 46-65 Years Old

“Mei is fabulous to deal with. Very thorough, friendly and knowledgeable.”

Fiona – 46-55 Years Old



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